Membership Privacy Policy Agreement

A Commitment to our Association

Interguild is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, accuracy and security of its Personal Information in line with principles established by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Information provided at registration is used to connect Interguild constituents and strengthen the community by informing them of school news, events, issues and opportunities for involvement.

As a volunteer of Interguild, we require that you are in compliance with the laws and principles outlined in the PIPED Act and adhere to this law with the utmost respect and responsibility it demands.

Under no circumstances is Interguild’s information rented, sold or given to any organization for the purposes of commercial gain. Upon signing the Interguild’s Privacy Agreement you understand and are in compliance with Interguild’s Privacy Policy.

Interguild Representative Responsibilities

The Interguild (IG) Representative will be responsible to the following tasks:

  1. Attend all IG functions or ensure necessary representation from alternative volunteer with appropriate area of purview
  2. Communicate all IG activities to the parent association and parents body at large through existing school communications (PA meetings, website, social media, newsletters) and encourage attendance.
  3. Encourage and facilitate discussion points as directed by IG Executive
  4. Assist with research and organization of any IG events held at the incumbent’s own school
  5. Ensure annual fee is paid to the Interguild
  6. Ensure their school’s contact information is kept up to date and communicate any changes to the IG Communications Coordinator.

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