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February Wellness 2017 at De La Salle College

Thank you for joining us at our February Wellness Workshop held in the beautiful Heritage House at De La Salle College.

We were fortunate to listen to guest speakers Amie Loga and Adam Caplan share their knowledge and passion about managing stress in a cyber world. Our big takeaways: Re-connect with our kids, disconnect from our smartphones more often, there is no such thing as multi-tasking, get back to nature and just breathe. But do it consciously. Breathing quiets negative self-talk. Mindfulness can be practised anywhere, even your car!

Today would not have been possible without the time and energy of De La Salle’s Parent Association President Eva-Marie Moffat and the Wellness Council, Dorothy Gornik, Cristina Della, Natalie Capone, and Lori Simone. The breakfast buffet provided was as incredible and satisfying for our eyes as it was for our stomachs. There were so many requests for recipes that we have included some by going to the following link. Interguild is grateful to be working with such amazing partners. We appreciate you all very much.

Please follow the links provided in our upcoming Newsletter to listen to Amie and Adam’s full presentations. Summary notes from this event and to learn more about what was discussed at this outstanding and engaging Workshop Event can also be found in our next newsletter.

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